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2004-07-18 - 5:30 p.m.

ahh yes this has been a super long time between writings.

things are going very well. I really love it here and I think if it wasn't for those ever pesky student loans I would stay here for a third year. Who knows with the elections coming up I just might. =)

Not alot gong on, I started teaching calculus here at one of the local schools and I absolutely love it =) It makes me so happy but I am curious to see how the kids will do. They seem pretty good at it especialy when all the other teachers comment on how poor of students they are. Maybe mine are just faking it ;-)

I think onr of the guys in my group is going to get kicked out this week. He is not a very good drunk and he ended up insulting one of the security guards a few nights ago which is uncalled for and enough for a booting. I will not write more on this till the decision is made.

I have just gotten my house back to being just little ole me in it since some of the outer island people were staying with me until they could get back to their sites. Will miss them but it is nice to be by myself again.

My acting boss at the polcie is back now from england so she is oging to come by and see the work I have done and hopefuly expediate the delivery of some used pc's so I can entwork the front counter up with my database and actualy see my project complete.

We just had a new group of volunteers come in so it should be pretty interresting watching them become volls and stop being considered the new group.

Lets see, I just read a time magazine and had no idea how conservativce they were until now. Amazed after all this time that people could still support a goveremnt that believes it is waging a holly war and doesnt mind torturing people. amazed every time.

Well if Mr Bush is elected I am going to find an alternative place to live I think. I have no desire to live in a country that woulod vote for that man twice. If I didnt have bills I would just wonder around the world and work odd jobs.

ok hopefuly this will be one entry followed by many more.



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